The Kanye West – Taylor Swift Debacle Continues

For all the Soutside n****s who will know me the best

I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex

Why? I made that b***h famous

God damn, I made that b***h famous

All I can say is this – typical.

Kanye West, a rapper who seems to revel in the limelight that controversy brings, has recently debuted his seventh studio album ‘The Life of Pablo’.  Whilst many of his songs host attention-grabbing lyrics, perhaps intended to spawn backlash or at the very least gossip, it are his lyrics in the song ‘Famous’ featuring Rihanna that really take the cake. Continue reading


Super Bowl AKA The Beyoncé Show: An Open Letter To Queen Bee

Dear Beyoncé:

Let me start with this: I am a HUGE fan.  I was a Beyoncé fan when you were a member of Destiny’s Child, promoting a healthy body image for “Bootylicious” women the globe over.  I remained a Beyoncé fan when you branched off as a “Naughty Girl” and fell “Crazy In Love”.  I continued to be a Beyoncé fan, now that you are “Flawless”, and I have no intention of changing my fan status now that you are pushing social issues you are passionate about. Continue reading