The Kanye West – Taylor Swift Debacle Continues

For all the Soutside n****s who will know me the best

I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex

Why? I made that b***h famous

God damn, I made that b***h famous

All I can say is this – typical.

Kanye West, a rapper who seems to revel in the limelight that controversy brings, has recently debuted his seventh studio album ‘The Life of Pablo’.  Whilst many of his songs host attention-grabbing lyrics, perhaps intended to spawn backlash or at the very least gossip, it are his lyrics in the song ‘Famous’ featuring Rihanna that really take the cake.

I have done a bit of internet-sleuthing and found many reports to say that Kanye gave Taylor a heads up about the raunchy lyrics, saying that they were in fact only a joke.  However, this wee gesture hasn’t stopped the backlash coming from diehard Taylor squad members the world over.

Personally, I believe Kanye is trying to be as authentic as possible in his approach to his art.  What would be the point of creating art if you allow yourself to be censored?! In saying that, it doesn’t mean that I like his lyrics or in anyway endorse that sort of language.  The way in which women are portrayed, not only in his music, but also in his Twitter rants makes them out to be nothing more than inanimate objects.  It is worrying that his misogynistic views are being heard and perpetrated around the world and that people continually support him by giving him a platform on which he can espouse these degrading views.  Is this really the legacy he wants to leave? Is this how he hopes his daughter will grow up to be treated?! I look forward to the day that he creates music to celebrate women, not tear them down.

I guess I appreciate that he had enough respect for both Taylor and his wife that he ran the lyrics past them first and waited for their blessings.  That has to count for something, right?

What are your opinions on the lyrics? I’d love to know!

Lizzie x


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