Summer days, catching rays

Today, my family I ventured out to see the sights of Raglan township.  The sun was shining so we packed a picnic into the car and headed on our way.

After a forty-minute drive through the foothills of Whatawhata and beautiful New Zealand landscape, the descent into Raglan township was nothing short of spectacular.  We were immediately hit with panoramic vistas of the Tasman Sea that stretched as far as the eye could see.  The rugged coastline was also home to many black sand strewn coves that would be a dream to any ocean lover.

It is blatantly obvious from the moment you arrive that an appreciation and love of nature and the great outdoors is universal in Raglan.  It is a town where local day to day life is dictated entirely by the comings and goings of the ocean and general surroundings.

We drove through the main township to the sights of flannel shirt clothed locals with sun bleached blonde hair strolling barefoot along the footpath, and to the smells of the quaint little coffee shops occupying every street corner.  It was a little slice of New Zealand paradise, where board shorts and jandals were the norm for everyday wear.

We found a beautiful and secluded spot in Aroaro Bay, a few minutes away from the main street, where we stopped and had our picnic.  We were surrounded by gorgeous native fauna, and serenaded by the sounds of the ocean just a few steps away.  In this beautiful spot, I couldn’t help but feel totally at peace with the world.


Aroaro Bay, Raglan, New Zealand

Although we didn’t have a full on day of activity, and I didn’t quite get around to taking a dip in the ocean, I would definitely recommend this town to any intrepid journeyer.  Whether you are an surfing junkie, a fishing fiend or just looking for a spot to stop by with a book, there will be something for you to do here.

Raglan, you did not disappoint.  There really is a reason why they call you “The Jewel of the Waikato”.

Until next time.

Lizzie x

10 thoughts on “Summer days, catching rays

  1. Peyy says:

    If only I live in New Zealand, or anywhere near, I’d love to visit this paradise. Honestly it sounds like the type of place writers can write nonstop about everything around ’em! Sounds like my kind of place love

    Liked by 1 person

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